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Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions
Hear Original Cutting Edge Music From Original Musicians
Category: Jazz
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by Marcus Davis
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April 11, 2021 09:26 PM PDT

Hello and how is everybody doing during these turbulent times.As if the Pandemic Lockdown was'nt bad enough ,i just read about the island of St Vincent in the West Indies and the volcano there La Soufrière.Apparently it erupted over the weekend causing folks who live close to the volcano to evacuate.As if the Covid pandemic was'nt bad enough ,now these folks have to deal with an erupting volcano as well.My parents are from St Vincent and i have various relatives over there as well.So i have to make some calls to family members to see if my pops is still in the UK or not.But putting that all aside and having some good news and thats the latest Podcast is ready for you to check out.This Podcast features one brand new Composition called " Too Late To Say You're Sorry" This is one of the tracks that will be featured on a brand new album coming out in the fall.But the latest album "Trying Times" is available to download @ www.seriousnubian.com .
Oh yeah you can also follow Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions on Facebook.Stay Safe and wear a friggin mask.

April 04, 2021 07:49 PM PDT

Well here we are again complete with a brand new Podcast poster design, and more new original Musical Compositions.Man things are looking more grim at the moment what with another Provincial lockdown for 38 days.Plus people just seem to be getting even more crazier.Theres only one thing for me to do during these unsettling times and thats to do what i normally do and thats to Create and Produce more Music.So drop us an e-mail with your comments plus visit the website @

March 28, 2021 09:11 PM PDT

What the hell !! We're in another lockdown starting Monday. So it looks like i'm going back into hibernation again back into the studio and being more creative and making more music.If this keeps up i'll have another 2 albums ready by the end of the year.Which brings me back to the current albums that are on the website.Don't forget you can download "Trying Times " for just $24 or @ $2 per track or you can download " Funky Lix " for $10 or @ $2 per track. Visit the website by going to
You can also go to
Enjoy the Podcast .

March 21, 2021 10:48 PM PDT

Well hello and once again i'm here to let you know about my latest Podcast.I was a little bit late putting it together though because it was the first day of spring and i just had to go out for a drive and enjoy the sunshine after all that dreadful snow we had not all that long ago .But i do have some good news.I was getting some feedback from another website radioairplay.com from some of listeners there who enquired about some tracks that were featured on an album that was recorded back in 1999 called "Funky Lix".Well that album is re-issued and is also available for download @ the website
www.seriousnubian.com.I figured i might as well since certain folks were enquiring about it.Keep sending the e-mails and i'll do what i can to accomodate your requests.The brand new album "Trying Times" is also available for download @ the website.

March 14, 2021 12:13 PM PDT

Hello and here we are once again for another Sterling Podcast.Bloody hell may have to buy some brand new clothes this week since none of my dress pants fit anymore .Or i may have to start working out at the gym so that i can get back to my lean pretty self again, so once its safe to start gigging after this Covid thing i can go back to looking good on stage.But enough talk about my personal good looks & grooming ,the latest gossip is that the brand new album is available as a download by going to the website @
The album is titled Trying Times.Most of the tracks have already been played on this Podcast ,but now its condensed into an album.The actual CD will be available @ CDbaby.com at the end of March/April time period .So if you can't wait till then ,you can download the album for the meer humble price of $24 or as individual tracks for $2.So go check it out ,and while you're doing that stay Funky !!

March 07, 2021 09:51 PM PST

Bloody Hell this Covid Pandemic is playing havoc with my waistline because i just found that none of my dress pants fit me anymore.So all i'm wearing around the apartment right now is a pair of track pants you know the ones with the elastic waistband so they're easy to put on and i'm not struggling to button up my dress pants till i get around to buying a few more pairs of pants.But before you get to thinking that this is a plug for weight watchers ,check out my latest current Podcast .Drop me an e-mail @ marcusdavis40@yahoo.ca with all your comments and don't forget to check out my website www.seriousnubian.com
and www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com

February 28, 2021 08:43 PM PST

Hey Everyone and hows it going .I feel pretty buzzed this evening i think its because i had a couple of shots of Red wine earlier but also because i'm starting to get excited about the brand new CD that will be coming out at the end of March.I thought that it would be a single CD but it turns out that it will be a double CD after all .There are 16 tracks in all ,you've heard most of them on the Podcast plus some of the tracks are available for downloads for $2 on the website.It will be available @ CD Baby.com when it comes out.I'm also getting into filming .I got 3 cameras at home so why not put them to use.So expect some short films of the cats prancing about to be featured on the website and possibly youtube.My wife keeps telling me that one of our cats could be a youtube star he does a lot of goofy stuff .But enough of all this chit chat just check out the latest Podcast .Available @
& itunes
Stay Safe,Stay Healthy, & wear a Goddam Mask !!!

February 21, 2021 09:00 PM PST

Hello and welcome to another Podcast delight filled with Cutting edge Grooves and Original Compositions.What the hell is it with this bloody weather.Last Tuesday i could'nt even drive out of the parking lot due to the fact that i almost got stuck in a snow bank. I'll remember to put on snow tires next winter .On a good note the latest new album comes out towards the end of March.It will be available on the website @ www.seriousnubian.com and CDBaby.com.It will be announced on a future Podcast episode.In the meantime you can download some tracks for the very humble price of just $2 both @ the website and www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com.This podcast is also available @ iheartradio
and youtube

So don't forget to Stay Funky !!!

February 14, 2021 09:25 PM PST

Yes here we are again back for another Podcast complete with those Cutting Edge Grooves and Original Sounds bought to you by yours truely.Boy do i have some sad news this time round,but i guess if you're a Musician you will already have heard or know about Chick Corea's passing this week.I heard the news on the radio while i was driving from St Catherines last Thursday.I did'nt believe it at first then i saw it broadcast on the internet.Man am i ever in shock the same way i felt when George Duke died some years back.It just sucks man.I remember as a teen watching Chick for the very first time on a show called The Old Grey Whistle Test back in 1975 with Return To Forever .Like other Musicians in the Jazz Fusion era in the 70's that i was listening to he was an influence to me.It was an unforgetable experience when i got to meet the members of Return To Forever when they performed @ the Sony Centre in Toronto.I was like a crazy kid again.The thing about Music is that its forever so his Music will always be here.But man what a loss.Anyways don't forget to visit my website @ www.seriousnubian.com
and to download Music by going to www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com
This Podcast is also available @ itunes by going to itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/serious-nubian/7858881

February 07, 2021 08:02 PM PST

Yes we're back again with another Podcast for more Cutting edge grooves and Originally Composed Music.So hows everything going ? Is anybody starting to go a little bit stir crazy being cooped up in their houses day in and day out during the Lockdown ? Myself i have'nt quite gotten to that point just yet ,what keeps me going is just having the time to be able to create more Music.Don't forget you can download my tracks for the very low purchase of $2 on my website www.seriousnubian.com
and also @ www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com
Everybody Stay Funky !!

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